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About Us

Adam Boksz has collected  a wide ranging number of trains, model cars, and lanterns  in various styles and from different time frames. His hand-crafted designs for unique train models is the envy of every train collector.  He fixes and repairs old models and trains, and cleans and restores lanterns. 

For prices on any of the services mentioned above, contact him using the online form or email.  All prices for services rendered are negotiable. Trades for existing items are also a possibility. 


The artist at work.

Our Goals

Bokszster's Boxcar was founded:

  • To share our passion for anything Marx
  • To satisfy the Baby Boomer's penchant for Marx trains and accessories.

And our Business goals are:

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide quick and efficient customer service.
  •  To maintain  honesty in all our dealings. 

Bokszter's Boxcar was founded in 2011 when we decided to "go public" with some long-held family heirlooms and a private collection. Interest from other toy train hobbyists was immediately overwhelming.  So we've branched to the web and hope to share with many others.

Bokster's Boxcar * Aberdeen * MD * USA * 21001 Phone: (410) 272-2646 Fax: (410) 272-2646 * adam@boksztersboxcar.net